If you would like to send a message to the county office then write it in the form below but if you need to get in contact with a specific person from the federation here are the contact details for our county officers:

County Chairman
Janine Hudson -07540476440 – Janinehudson@hotmail.co.uk

County Vice Chairman
Charlotte Tomkins- 07580 031844  – charlotte.tomkins@outlook.com

Hon. County Treasurer 
Brendan Sturgeon – 07880 892102 – brendan.sturgeon@ntl.com

International Visitor Hosting Organiser 
Ellie Davis – 07557 057295- ellie.davis94@hotmail.co.uk

Membership & Marketing Officer 
Lois O’hara – 07549 165907- loisannohara@aol.com

Media Officer
Peter Humphreys – admin@bedsyfc.co.uk

Social Officer
Louise Papworth – 07502 243627 – louisepapworth@hotmail.co.uk

Amelia Newman- 07716496294- amelia_22@hotmail.co.uk

National Council Representative 
Oonagh O’Neill – 07876 183052 – ooneill1@hotmail.com

Deputy National Council Representative 
Charlotte Tomkins- 07580 031844  – charlotte.tomkins@outlook.com

County Organiser 
Nova Woodrow – 01234 765903 – bedsyoungfarmers@aol.com

County Office 
Bedfordshire Young Farmers, 9 Kings Road, Broom, Bedfordshire, SG18 9NL

County President 
Mrs Angie Sinnott

County Rally and Show

2017-18 Rally Secretary – Oonagh O’Neil – ooneill1@hotmail.com – 07876 183052

Ploughing & Garden and Produce Show

Parties and County Ball

Technical support and social media – admin@bedsyfc.co.uk

Social Media
County Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/bedsyfc/
County Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/bedsyfc
County Instagram Page: https://www.instagram.com/bedsyfc/
County Vimeo Page: https://vimeo.com/bedsyfc
County LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/organization/11092778