The name may say different but you defiantly don’t have to be a farmer to join a Young Farmer’s club.  Being a member of one of our clubs is for anybody who enjoys being outdoors and making life long friends, agriculture can be as big (or small) a part of your time in Young Farmers’ as you want.

Bedfordshire Young Farmers’ can help you expand on the skills you currently have and teach you new ones; it lets you take an interest in rural affairs and lead an active social life while continuing your studies or full time work. The majority of members may be from farming families but the rest of our community consists of people from a diverse range of backgrounds. For the organisation to work we need people between the ages of 10 & 26 who are good at drama or singing, event organising, flower arranging, cake making, welding etc as well tractor driving and chicken plucking, through out this website you will find information on all the activities we undertake and find that there really is something for everyone

Each club has a regular meeting night once a week in which they will go on trips, hold presentations from speakers or prep for up coming competitions, in addition to this once a month the county will hold a meeting where similar activities will happen but anyone from our seven clubs can attend. This is a great place to meet people from the other side of the county and make new friends who share similar interests to you. Your club may hold more that one meeting in some weeks in order to prepare you for a county competition for example the Rally – our main event of the year attended by over 4000 members of the public.

Each club is run by its members for its members so meetings are organised to suit specify interests, meetings can be guest speakers, visits, activities, or competitions. Recent meetings held in Bedfordshire are farm visits, water sports, first aid, treasure hunts, archery, self defence, salsa dancing, cider making, talks by revenues and customs, driver safety, and a local juror. Clubs usually meet once a week. This allows the members to find out about forthcoming activities and events within county and nationally.

We also hold plenty of social events as well, each club holds a big party each year whether is be a summer ball, boxing day bash or easter get together plus the county holds a new member’s week and county ball each year.

When you have been in a club for a few years and feel confident in your understanding of the way it runs you can apply for a role on the committee, this could be from a treasurer to chairman or livestock officer to social secretary. Once you are happy you have done your time there you can move onto the county committee, eastern area and finally the national committee, it may sound like a lot of work but the important thing to remember is that you can really make a difference to your time in Young Farmer’s – the clubs are for young farmer’s, run by young farmers.

Training is also a big part of what we do and you can apply for funding to help cover the cost of trailer tests, first aid etc and get bursaries towards oversees travel through our discovery program.

If you want to join please take a look around the rest of this site; visit us on social media and check out the map on the ‘Our Clubs’ menu above to find and contact your nearest community of young farmers. Your first meeting is free and they will provide you with all the paperwork to join, from all the team at Bedfordshire Young Farmers we look forward to welcoming you!