Bedfordshire Young Farmers plant 420 Trees as part of the national #ProtectYourFuture campaign!

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On an unusually mild Sunday winters morning, a number of Bedfordshire YFC members picked up their spades and backed the Protect your future project by turning up to a field run by the Forest of Marston Vale Trust on the outskirts of Wilstead to plant 420 saplings for NFYFC’s 2019 campaign. This project was launched to support the Government’s Year of Green Action and the #IWill4Nature campaign.

With the launch of the Government’s 25-year environmental plan, the #iwill4Nature campaign wants to keep young people at the heart of environmental social action. The reason for this is to help combat climate change, encourage wildlife, build resilience in the local environment and support local agriculture.

The number of trees we were allocated accounts for one tree per Bedfordshire Young Farmers Member; consisting of Leighton Buzzard YFC, Bedford YFC, Woburn YFC, Silsoe YFC, Blunham YFC, North Beds YFC and Biggleswade YFC.

We were tasked with planting some local broad leaved trees. Some of them being Hazel, Oak, Hornbeam, Silver birch, Field Maple, Wild Cherry, Common Alder, Ash, Hawthorn & Blackthorn. These were selected and planted on the site as these types of trees have unique benefits to the environment and local wildlife. We would like to thank the Woodland Trust for providing the saplings for planting.

Since the early 1990’s, over 2 million trees have been planted by the Forest of Marston Vale Trust to transform the landscape and improve the prospects of Bedfordshire to live, work and play. Their goal within the next 12 years is to have over 30% of Bedfordshire as forestry, currently it is at around 15% so the work we have done today has helped contribute to their long term goal.

I feel taking part in the campaign has helped the clubs within Bedfordshire YFC feel like they have done something positive for the local environment, helping provide habitation and create tree coverage for local wildlife and safeguarding the environment for future generations.

I would urge anyone involved in any YFC club to take part in this scheme, if you are not a YFC member, your local trusts do carry out planting mornings, so please visit their websites or contact them for more information.

Lastly I would like to thank our County Chairman, Tom Harwood on behalf of the county for organising the morning, Darren Maskell for allowing us to park at his farm within walking distance and the catering team, led by Alice Redman for keeping us all well fed with bacon rolls, soup, drinks, snacks and plenty of tea and coffee to keep us warm! I think everyone had a great time!

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