County Promotional Trailer

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If you go for a drive you might just see our newly redesigned Bedfordshire Young Famers County promotional trailer. We bought it 3 years ago but it was starting to look a bit drab in its plain white jacket so we commissioned Sign Express in Aylesbury to vinyl wrap it.

Designed in co-operation with Sign Express and Leighton Buzzard member Peter Humphreys it is based around photos from our last Rally held at Walducks farm, Stewkley in 2013. Plans are now being drawn up to sort out the inside to include a new promotional video encompassing all of our clubs and the various activities we undertake.


The hope is that this will attract new members when it is being towed as well as when on display at events around the county. If you are interested in promoting the club and would like to find out how you can help then please email: 



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