Public Speaking Competitions 2016

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The Bedfordshire round of the Public Speaking Competition took place at Box End Kempston where members from all Clubs within the County competed.

Junior Reading Competition
The Junior Reading competition is were members aged 14 and under read a passage from a book chosen by the Judges

This years book was 1984 and the results were: 
1st  Jess Logan – Woburn
2nd Freya Mosley – Leighton Buzzard
3rd Ailsa Moffat – Blunham
4th Abi Quinlan- Biggleswade
5th Jess Maynard – Leighton Buzzard

Public Speaking 4
Junior Public Speaking
The Junior Public Speaking competition requires 3 members from each club of whom are 16 years and under to stage a mock meeting.

One member will chair the meeting, welcoming everyone, introducing the speaker and handling the questions from the floor. Another member is the speaker they get to choose a topic they wish to speak about for 5 minutes, today’s topics included beating, a wedding and One Direction. The final member acts as the vote of thanks, their job is to ask the speaker a question and at the end of the meeting to thank the speaker for their talk.

Today 3 clubs competed in the Junior Public Speaking Competition, the results were…
1st   Blunham
2nd  Leighton Buzzard
3rd  Silsoe

The Best Speaker of the competition was Ailsa Moffat from Blunham YFC

Public Speaking 7

Intermediate ‘Just a Minute Competition’
The intermediates (16-21 year olds) took part in a game of Just a Minute for their Public Speaking competition, a game which requires members to try and talk about a given subject for a minute without repetition, deviation and hesitation.

The results for this competition were…
1st  Blunham B
2nd Blunham A
3rd Woburn
4th Leighton Buzzard
5th Biggleswade

Best Speaker was Harriet Beeby from Blunham YFC

Public Speaking 8
Blunham B winners


Public Speaking 5
Best Speaker

Senior Debating Competition
The senior members conducted a debate made up of a chairman, proposer and opposer all from different clubs. Topics included making vaccinations compulsory for all infants and this house believes that the UK would be barking mad to leave the EU.

After a number of lively debates the final results were…
1st  Leighton Buzzard 
2nd Woburn
3rd  Silsoe
4th  Biggleswade

Best Speaker was Sophie Aziz from Leighton Buzzard YFC

Public Speaking 2
Leighton Buzzard Team
Public Speaking 3
Best Speaker

Member of the Year
This competition was conducted through a interview style were members had to talk about their involvement in Young Farmers. The competition was split into junior and senior members.

The results for the Junior Member of the Year were:
1st  Anna Hunt – Woburn
2nd Elena Hernanz – Silsoe
3rd Ella Black – Leighton Buzzard
4th Aidan O’Callaghan – Blunham
5th Freddie Wootton – Blunham

The Senior Member of the Year Competition results were: 
1st Alice Redman – Silsoe
2nd Charlotte Tomkins – Woburn
3rd Simon Caves – North Beds and Rachel Black – Leighton Buzzard
5th Tom Harwood – Silsoe and Roger Parrish – Woburn 

Senior Member of the Year

Well done to all that took part and thank you to all judges and stewards for giving up their time and to Hannah and James Barbour for the use of Box End.

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