Eastern Area Public Speaking

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My favorite competition in Young Farmers is and was public speaking so I was only to pleased to be invited to steward at the Easter Area round. this also provided the opportunity to get some snaps of our members in action. The different age categories have different competitions from Junior reading to intermediate Brains trust and Senior after dinner speaking, there is also the member of the year interviews running alongside the public speaking. The members that won the county round then go on to compete at Eastern Area where they will compete against 5 neighboring counties, not an easy task and we are very grateful to the members that gave up their Sunday mornings to come out and represent Beds YFC. I think there may of been a couple that wished they were sleeping off the night before.

The results are as follows-

Junior reading – 3rd Tom Stokes Leighton Buzzard YFC
Junior Public Speaking – 1st Team Blunham
Junior Member Of The Year – Gemma Fliton Leighton Buzzard YFC

Intermediate Brainstrust -4th Team Blunham

Senior After Dinner Speaking – 2nd Mixed Clubs
Senior Member Of The Year – 1st Alice Redman

The winners will now go through to the next round at Northern Area.

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