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Sunday 26th March saw the 2017 County and Eastern area rounds of the entertainment’s competition take place at Cedars Upper School. Three teams chose to take place this year; Woburn, Leighton Buzzard and a joint entry from North Beds / Blunham.

Woburn’s show was set in God’s waiting room and celebrated the lives of a few of the celebrities we lost in 2016, it demonstrated that these people weren’t leaving us but rather be called to entertain the heavens and make it a more enjoyable place. Notable performances from Charlotte Tomkins as our heavily father (sorry mother), Claudia Rose for her song Purple Rain and the unforgettable (but trust me I’ve tried) Roger Parrish as Princess Leia in his one of a kind gold bikini. Never has an audience simultaneously groaned and cheer so much at the same time. If this play taught us anything it is that Matt Kennedy has what it takes to become a theatrical writer as long as Oliver’s are having a slow day.

The performance from Blunham and North Beds centred around our love and every growing reliance of social media; we were treated to a live demonstration of last month’s county synchronised swimming competition. We learnt how to socialise with your girlfriend at the cinema when you have to sit several seats apart which prompted more cross dressing and it reminded us that for some strange reason why we all fell in love with a dog called Fenton.

The last performance of the day came from Leighton Buzzard who no matter what the other clubs say did not start rehearsals in November – it was June. Some say they are unlucky in this competition so the result this year won’t surprise you. Written by the excellent John Beresford who has directed this club many times over the years, the production revolved around two singletons and their journey across the USA. They encountered a flash mob in New York (who had technical difficulties which I don’t know anything about , eskimos in the north and cowboys in south. Will Roff’s Trump impression was as good as anything I’ve seen on SNL and Emma Stone could have been a dead ringer for Hillary. Special recognition to Max Thorne and Will Peck who stripped to their speedos for the surfing scene, however I think they were so keen to show of all their hard work at the gym that this scene was a pre-requisite to them performing in the play. Like all the best movies, this show had a happy ending with Matt and Sarah getting married in a drive through Elvis wedding chapel and finished with a rendition of County Roads. A truly well rounded performance.

After the judges (ex-members from Biggleswade) had conferred they announced the results as follows.

3rd = Leighton Buzzard

2nd = North Beds / Blunham

1st = Woburn

Photos below of people collecting their trophies.


Good luck to Woburn who take their show through to the next round.

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