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Today Beds YFC held their annual public speaking and member of the year event. The turn out by all of the clubs was fantastic with more teams entered than we have had for quite a few years.
There were eight junior public speaking teams (for this the members have to be sixteen or under) and the judges were incredibly impressed at the standard of speaking that they judged. 
The results were as follows: 
6th – Biggleswade
5th – Bedford
4th – Blunham
3rd – Leighton Buzzard
2nd – Woburn
1st  – Silsoe
Best Speaker – Silsoe

The junior readers also did brilliantly today. They all had a passage from the book ‘Warhorse’ which they read in front of two judges (to enter this competition you have to be 14 and under):
The results were: 
Joint 3rd – Blunham and Leighton Buzzard
2nd  – Blunham
1st – Leighton Buzzard and Blunham
The intermediates all discussed a variety of topics and some members were put through to county training
The results were: 
4th – Leighton Buzzard
3rd – Wobrun
2nd – Bedford
1st – Silsoe
Best Speaker – Leighton Buzzard
The senior competition saw 6 teams compete in the after dinner speaking. Again the standard was very high and members were chosen to go through to county training.
The results: 
6th – Biggleswade
5th – North Beds
4th – Leighton Buzzard
3rd – Bedford
2nd – Silsoe
1st Woburn
Best Speaker – Woburn
The Senior Member of the Year this year was: 
The junior members of the year was a member from Bedford YFC
Thank you to all who helped with the day but an especially massive thanks to James and Hannah Barbour for providing such a brilliant venue in Box End Park. 

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