Rally 2017 Information for Members

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Please find below the 2017 Rally schedule along with entry forms, time table for pre-rally and road sign rules.

Note: Deadline for membership is 5th May 2017

All forms once filled out should be e-mailed to: redman@gotadsl.co.ukEXCEPT livestock forms and equine classes – these should be hard copies sent to Saldon House, College Farm, Lower Gravenhurst, Beds MK45 4HJ.

Pre-rally entry forms are due by the 26th February, other deadlines are as follows:


 Date of Competition

Closing Date Entries

Yearbook entries

Float titles from 1st December


31st December

Pre Rally entries inc yearbook cover, road sign. Road sign to be erected by

Saturday 15th April


12th March


Sunday 26th February

Stock judging, equine judging,

poultry and rabbit classes and photo

classes 128, 134 and 140

Sunday 9th April  Sunday 12th March
Intermediate Interview Class

(CV and Letter)

Livestock entries

Horse entries for Eventer Challenge

and Horse and Rider

Saturday 20th May Sunday 9th April
All other classes,  hay, grain, skills,

cookery, handicrafts, flowers

and main ring

Saturday 20th May Sunday  16th April




Site Meeting,

Show jump filler to be brought to

this meeting and Scrapbooks for

Pet lamb classes

 Sunday 14th May

10.00 am

Clayhill Farm, Westoning

MK45 5JF


Beds YFC Rally 2017 – Pre-Rally Entry Form

Beds YFC Rally 2017 – Pre-Rally Timetable

Beds YFC Rally 2017 – Road Sign Rules

Beds YFC Rally 2017 – Road Sign Entry Form

Beds YFC Rally 2017 – Schedule v.3

Beds YFC Rally 2017 – Closing Dates for Entry Forms v.2

Beds YFC Rally 2017 – List of Rare Breed Sheep

Beds YFC Rally 2017 – Equine Form

Beds YFC Rally 2017 – Livestock Entry Form

Beds YFC Rally 2017 – Stock Judging Entry Form

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